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Basketball League

We are very excited to tell you all that Magic Hoops are starting our very own youth development league in September 2023! We want to create our own competitive community, as our amazing coaches have said that we’ve got some very talented players within our groups.

We will invite each of our locations to form a team to compete against one another in a season-long league. Each game will take place in Braywick Leisure Centre, Maidenhead.

Age Groups

We will be hosting games on Fridays between 7pm and 10pm. We hope to turn every Friday evening into a mini event of its own, inviting everyone playing that day to come and watch the other games. The age groups for our development leagues are as follows:

Under 12s
Under 14s
Under 16s

Match Format

Each team will play a minimum of once a month (barring any scheduling changes), so we can make allowances for those who have to travel a little further. If we have the opportunity to, we will also be inviting other local teams into our league, so we can eventually claim to be the best teams in the area!


There will be a small fee each month as well as a registration fee at the start of the season.

Details of the fee will be shared with everyone before the start of the league and will be dependent upon how many teams/players are registered for the league.

The Location

Braywick Leisure Centre
Braywick Rd,

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High Wycombe

Questions and Answers – Development League

The games will be held in Maidenhead. Mostly at Braywick Leisure Centre, sometimes an alternate venue (TBC). But always in Maidenhead.

Games will only be on Friday evenings. The game times will vary depending on your childs age group. U12 games will be at 7pm, u14 games will be at 8pm and u16 games will be at 9pm.

Depending on the number of teams, the games will be once or twice a month.

Yes, there is a registration fee to be paid before the season starts, plus small fee each month

That depends on your childs age group! We have invited each of our locations to enter a team, and some have entered two! When the registrations close, we will be able to release a full league/fixture structure

We are planning on using an app called Teamo. This will tell you when your childs games are so you can plan accordingly.

If there is one location that doesn’t have enough players to form at least one team, then we ask them to join another location for their game time.

It depends! We will try to maximise playing time for everyone, which might mean having a smaller squad and multiple teams. But it really depends on how many have signed up from each location!

No. The idea is that these players get used to playing in games and become accustomed to working with each other as a team, regardless of who it is. We are also aware of the approximate level of each of the players, and want to try and keep it as fair as possible.