3×3 basketball is a variation of traditional basketball played with three players on each team, instead of the typical five players. It is a fast-paced, half-court version of the game that has gained popularity in recent years, particularly as an urban and street sport. Here are some key features of 3×3 basketball:


Each team consists of three players on the court at a time, with one substitute player on the sideline.


The playing area is typically half the size of a standard basketball court, and there is only one hoop. It’s usually played on a half-court with a single basket.


The game is played to a certain number of points or within a fixed time limit, usually 10 minutes. Points are scored by making baskets, with two-point shots being taken from beyond the arc and one-point shots taken from inside the arc.


After each made basket, the opposing team starts with possession of the ball at the top of the key. There are no jump balls.

Shot Clock:

A 12-second shot clock is used, encouraging quick play and continuous action.


3×3 basketball has its own set of rules, which are slightly different from traditional 5-on-5 basketball. These rules are designed to make the game faster and more dynamic.

Foul Limit:

Teams are usually allowed a certain number of team fouls before the opponent is awarded free throws, often starting after the sixth team foul.

Out of Bounds:

The court is smaller, so there is less room out of bounds. The game uses a 3×3-specific out-of-bounds rule, where the ball must be “cleared” beyond the three-point line after a change of possession.


Substitutions can be made during stoppages in play and when the ball is out of bounds.

3×3 basketball is known for its fast pace, exciting plays, and often features street-style elements. It has gained popularity as a competitive sport and was added to the Olympic program in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The game is played in various international tournaments, including the FIBA 3×3 World Cup and the FIBA 3×3 World Tour, and has a growing following around the world.